Lovelies! As more of you beautiful friends join this space I want to share a bit about me and what I’m loving these days… so you can get to know the woman behind the words!

  1. ♡ I adore pasta – and have a new-found love for angel hair noodles. Weird name? Yep. I don’t actually want to heat angel’s hair… However, I’d agree that they do taste heavenly 😉
  2. ♡ Belong Magazine – if you’re a woman and your heart is beating, you need to read this magazine!
  3. ♡ I’m totally into the summer TV show Mistresses – anyone else?! I love the drama, the female power, and those clothes!!
  4. ♡ Setting a weekly intention because goals
  5. ♡ After a stressful day, I’ve recently been reading out on the deck (this book) or lighting candles and listening to podcasts (this one is my favorite).
  6. ♡ I’m a twenty-something so since stumbling upon this blog I’ve been devouring everything (some of my favorites: this, this and this)

What are your current favorites you’re loving this summer? Tell me below in the comments!

xoxo, Reeve

Image via Kaboompics