every summer has a story//transition into autumn

Every Summer Has a Story - how to move from those hot glory days into the crispy cold fall.

I struggle moving away from summer.

I want to hold onto the warm, slow, lazy days of summer where it was perfectly acceptable to spend the whole day playing at the beach or only eat frozen foods. I shy away from the work, homework, books to read, and general busyness of the fall season.

I blink and suddenly the days start getting dark before I’ve even eaten dinner. I step off the sidewalk into a crunchy pile of leaves and suddenly miss the low growl of lawnmowers and the mist from sprinklers.

A part of me always lags behind at this time…wanting to hold onto summer for just a bit longer, please? Somehow, moving on from summer makes me feel like I’m leaving it behind, forgetting that it was here. I can’t be that carefree, spontaneous girl of the summer when I have responsibilities and jobs and work to be done. 

Somehow in the moving forward of this season, I forget about the one I just experienced, and leave it all behind.

But what I’ve been thinking, as I stomp through those bright clusters of fallen leaves, when I dig through a basket of scarves to find the coziest one, and when I charge inside, cheeks bright  red from the chill, is that summer doesn’t have to go away just because it’s fall. Yes, I’m moving into a different part of the year, but I can bring the girl of summer with me.

When I’m baking a spicy apple pie, or dreaming of all things Christmas, the carefree, wild, adventurous girl of the summer can still be there. Each summer, each season, is meaningful – filled with meaning – and that doesn’t go away just because the lakes freeze over or the snow melts or your nose get sunburned.

So I’ll wrap up this summer’s stories with their beauty and carry them with me. Instead of living my life separated by seasons, I want to gather up all the stories, like the fuzzy strands of a hundred different bundles of yarn, and knit them all together – one long, warm blanket, one crazy story.

Do you struggle changing seasons or making other changes? I’d love to hear!

 xoxo 3

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