God doesn’t make “ugly”



Beauty. A struggle for almost every woman I know. How to be confident in your body?

This has been a struggle of mine since junior high, when I began to notice the “popular” girls, the ones who got all the attention, were also the ones who were skinny and pretty, who didn’t wear braces and who could afford brand new jeans, not ones from the thrift store. In the mind of an eighth grader, you put two and two together and realize that if you don’t look like those girls, then you’ll never be noticed. And because bodies don’t bend their looks to fit what the mind wants…you struggle accepting how you were made.

I’ve fought since then to view myself as lovely. Sometimes I forget about my body image. Other times I feel gross and disgusting…it just depends on the day.

But what I have begun to notice as I grow up and walk out and about in the adult world, is that this problem doesn’t go away with age. There is a war being waged on beauty and it doesn’t care what your name is, your culture, your race, or your age.

And what I keep coming back to is that war is being waged on beauty because God made beauty, and satan doesn’t want us to see it.

Even in just the natural world around us, there is beauty. I realize there are scientific reasons as to why there are stunning sunsets and flowers and sparkling eyes and chubby little hands, but as the Creator, God could have chosen to make all of those things without the added beauty.

But that is the same for us – God didn’t have to make us beautiful, but He did anyway. He chose to create us last, His final and most wonderful masterpiece, and He created us in His image – beautiful.And the thing about beauty is that there is nothing else like it. There is something about a stunning piece of music, a wave crashing on the rocks, the flicker of a gentle flame that makes us stop and breathe in.


Beauty changes us. Beauty is powerful.


I truly believe that God has sprinkled beauty throughout the world to remind us of Him and part of that beauty is the creation of us. We see God when we see His beauty. We are able to connect with and interact with the Creator when we come in contact with His creations (us!).

We are God’s beauty! That is ridiculous!

As a woman, I am reflecting God. And in realizing my importance and beauty, I am reflecting God’s beauty. WE, as women, are living, walking, breathing masterpieces of God – His workmanship! 

And Satan hates that. We are more than a sunset or a flower or picture. We respond, we interact, we connect and create community. We inspire, we love, we live.

But we won’t be able to connect or create or inspire if we can’t see that in ourselves. Satan wants us to be so fooled and blinded, believing that we are ugly, that we don’t see the beauty in ourselves or the beauty in others.

Because as soon as we start to compare ourselves, we lose sight of what is actually beauty. Because when I say WE, women, are God’s beauty, I’m not talking about just the white women. I’m not just saying those who go to college or can afford new clothes or never had braces. The short, skinny, tall, plump, laughing, crying, dancing, slow, loving, cooking, cozy, curvy — that is the beauty of God. 

God doesn’t create “ugly.” Out of all the tools God has, He has are none that make mistakes or blemishes or errors.  I’m still wading my way through the pond of self-acceptance; but I am reminded that when I see beauty in you, I am also seeing beauty in me. I am seeing the hand of a very, very talented Painter who invented us to showcase His beauty.


Will you help fight back in the war on beauty? Will you stand strong beside your fellow sister-friends, waving your flag of beauty?

Do you struggle with how the world sees beauty? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences! 




Lovelies, I'd be so happy if you joined in the conversation with me!