a beginning


Something about summer calls for a fresh start.

This summer is no exception.

Change is happening all around me, pushing me out from my comfort zone, into the unknown.

I feel alive – with sun-kissed skin, sand between my toes, and watermelon juice dripping down my hands.

Perhaps due to new wishes being hoped for or the awakening of long-forgotten dreams.

There is a bittersweet companion in moving forward. The loss of what used to be, the fear of making irreversible mistakes, the adrenaline of new adventures.

Wherever change occurs, vulnerability is present. You come face-to-face with the realization that you don’t actually know what you are doing. You open yourself up to criticism, judgment, and the horrible feeling of being misunderstood by those around you. Shame calls at you from just around the corner, reminding you that, if you make one wrong move or hesitate one second too long, your confidence will come crashing down around you.

There is a profound beauty in taking all that you think you know, gathering it up into your arms, and heaving it out the window.

Immense freedom is found when you step outside of the box you’ve placed yourself in, society has told you to be in, or others have squished you inside of, and realize there is a whole world full of creators and dreamers and doers who have walked away from boxes in search of passion.

There is much to gain when you stand, shaky, on the soil of a new decision. Your comfort-craving survival instincts know to kick in when your heartbeat quickens and your knees start shaking

When your exhausted body begs to go back to the couch and try again a different day, maybe – that’s when you know you are on to something good, and rich, and right.

As I make a turn in the road and begin publicly writing, my hope is that I will be able to share my sorrows and joys, lessons learned and questions still being asked right alongside the rest of you. A scary new road to travel, but one bursting with endless possibilities.

Look up at the sky; realize nothing is yet in reach, but that you have been given the gift of stretching your arms up, fingers inching closer, capable of touching clouds. 


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