June Goals


Some of my very favorite writers and bloggers write down their monthly goals and it has inspired me to do the same! Partly as accountability and also because I’d love to know what YOUR goals are! I always get creative and adventurous when I hear about other goals and ideas; hopefully you will be inspired as well!

Here are my monthly goals for June; I’d love for your to share yours in the comments!


  1. Attend a movie night in the park
  2. Finish reading this book, and also this one
  3. Get back on my journaling – 2x a week
  4. Paint! I keep dreaming about pulling out my watercolors now that I don’t have homework in the way
  5. Go to a yoga class outdoors (thinking one of these)
  6. Pay off my recent car mechanics bill (not a fun goal to say the least! #adulting)
  7. Have a confident attitude for an interview with my school’s marketing department about writing for them this summer.
  8. Make sure to spend a minimum of 30 minutes outside every day – internships and work are important, but so is sunshine!

Those are my current goals! Looking forward to an eventful and summery month!

If you like this type of post, here are some of my current favorite goal posts from other women!

  • Diana Kerr// Love the organization of Diana’s goals and how she focuses on goals for different areas of her life
  • Robyn Dyke// Summer should be about relaxation and simplicity; I’m thinking Robyn’s got the right idea by heading to Hawaii!
  • Em for Marvelous// Refreshing that Em’s list includes mastering a hairdo!


What are your June goals? I’d love to hear them!

xoxo, Reeve

photo via unsplash
  • Em


    Outdoor movies are one of my favorite things about summer!

    • Reeve

      AMEN! I love how the whole neighborhood comes out at the end of a day to sit and watch a movie together! xoxo

  • Keri Underwood


    Love this! It’s so important to set goals both professionally and personally. Mine focus around relationship: I have a goal to meet a new friend (outside of the people I currently know) and to pour into that new friend. professionally I want to establish relationships with other like-minded people so that I can learn and grow from those people and they can learn and grow from me. Good luck with your goals!


    • Reeve

      Such good goals – I really like how your goals center around relationships (the most important aspect of life!). Community and good networks make the world go round! Thanks for sharing your goals, Keri! xoxo

  • robynvandyke


    Yoga outdoors sounds amazing!! 🙂

    • Reeve

      Have you ever done it? It’s one of my FAVORITE things, even if I’m just by myself on my deck!

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