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Hello, friends!

Life seems to be flying by – all of a sudden it is almost March and (maybe) spring! (A girl from Minnesota can hope, right?)

I’ve been so caught up in school, work, and planning for the future (and graduation next year!) that I barely see what’s going on around me. Monday, during yoga class, my neck was so incredibly tight and I was thinking of the possible reasons why when I suddenly realized that I don’t look up anymore. I’m focused on the screen in front of me, taking notes, bending over a textbook, hunched over in the dark room or watching my feet so I don’t step in a pile of snow… err slush. ¬†Life is chock-full and bursting at the seams with all good things, but I want to be able to look up at the clouds and sun and breathe deep.

Two classes this semester are pushing me out of my comfort zone – making me a better writer. While I’m not a creative focused writer, I now lie wide awake at night as characters dance through my head and new plot ideas are born. I’ve never been haunted by a story before but all of a sudden I’m surrounded by ideas begging to be put down on paper and characters asking for their stories to be told. What I love about the writing world is that you can write anything. As a writer I can create any story, real or not, believable or not – the words can be twisted and used in any way I desire. I can create stories of adventure and excitement; I can write of heartbreak and sorrow.

As a writer, it is a victory and challenge to be able to break through the regular “box” of writing and let creativity flow. ¬†Bleeding into every area of my life, I find new corners of my life to explore and expand.

I’ve been working a bit with Belong Mag which I invite you to check out! A new print magazine that is a collaboration of entrepreneurial women sharing their secrets, tips, stories of success and failure. A new creative publication helping women find out where they belong!

I’m choosing to write more freely and relaxed on here…just updates on life and my thoughts and adventures! We’ll see where it leads.

I’d love to hear what life is challenging you with and what discoveries you are making along the way!



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