October + Favorites



There is nothing I like better than to find new products and read about other people’s current obsessions! Here are a few of my favorite things lately, what I find myself reaching for again and again:

Almond Body Oil – I have dealt with extremely dry skin ever since middle school and have tried more creams and lotions and butters than I can remember! The summer weather is always better for my skin and I feel like I’ve finally gotten a good routine down and then BAM, here comes autumn with her chilly winds and heaters kick in, drying out the air.

After researching and trial and error, I have finally found a product that is natural, unprocessed, and works really well for my skin! Whenever my skin is thirsty, red, and irritated, I slather on some of this rich, smooth oil and let it sink in. It’s ideal after showering because your skin’s pores are open and the oil will have a better chance to sink in. I also use it in baths to soften my skin while I soak. You can’t go wrong with this almond body oil! (Also good: coconut oil and avocado oil.)

Lavanilla Natural Deodorant – I have previously tried to find all natural deodorants without much luck. Nothing sold at Target has worked for me and I find myself reaching back for the good ol aluminum, toxic-filled regular deodorants and sprays because who wants to smell bad?! I came across a review for this Sephora deodorant and, having just read another article on the benefits of natural deodorant because the body absorbs products placed in the armpits more than any other area of the body, figured one more try couldn’t hurt.

I couldn’t be more pleased! While I haven’t tried running a marathon with it on, the ingredients are wonderful and I stay fresh scented all day long! Add to that the cute packaging along with the knowledge that I’m not putting chemicals into my lady pits and it’s a win-win!

Sweet Harvest Pumpkin – I discovered this tea last fall and couldn’t be happier that it’s back in stock! It only pops out around the holidays so I have to stock up on it when I find it! It does have caffeine so I don’t drink it in the evenings, but it is a nice blend of pumpkin and seasonings and I always drink more than once cup. Wonderful for an afternoon pick-me-up or as a breakfast drink to start your day.

Stir, jessica fechtor – Something about the cooler autumn days makes me light more candles, tuck myself in with many blankets, and read, read, read. I’ve recently been reading every food related book I can get my hands on! From both informative to novel, I love reading about food, the good and the bad. Jessica Fechtor writes an amazing memoir about a horrendous year for her health, filled with scary blackouts and ER trips, and the meals that brought her back to being a whole person. I’m in LOVE with this read! That’s all, lovelies!

What have you been loving this month? I’d love to hear!





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