Long-distance relationships appear glamorous in movies. Giggly phone conversations, flirty texts, flying miles to visit each other. The couple almost always survives the distance and it never lasts too long; they’re married by the end of the movie. I never thought I’d be in a long-distance relationship (but then again, who does imagine themselves dating someone who lives in a different state?!). But, just two weeks into our relationship, my boyfriend Tyler decided to switch colleges and suddenly we were separated by the eight hour drive from Minnesota to Chicago.

Our first six months of being apart were incredibly hard. We were just getting to know each other as more than friends and figure out what it meant to be in a relationship that was built on honesty and vulnerability. That was made a whole lot harder by being in completely different communities, where the closest we got to “face-to-face” was a Skype date once a week. Throw into the mix a close friend of his dying, a growing anxiety disorder for me, and a lot of family turmoil. It was no picnic.

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